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About inspect

inspect is the leading European business media for machine vision and optical metrology. It is read acrossall industries by direct and indirect decision-makers involved in the application and procurement of these components,products and technologies.

The three regular sections of Vision, Automation and Control structure the contents into the fi elds of components and technologies, turn-key systems and applications, and material testing and measuring instruments. Up-to-date reports, hot topics, trade show previews and reviews, as well as interviews with the industry leaders complement the expert topics, application reports and product information.

The typical inspect reader knows that this is a publication where he can fi nd the best overview, the most important suppliers, and the relevant information, ranging from fundamental knowledge to specialist topics - across all industries and technologies. Cooperation with leading trade shows and national and international trade associations, as well as the scientific advisory board and the industry seasoned editorial team all guarantee our leading position in the market.

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