Increased laser welding efficiency with patented process

19.10.2021 -

Technical article by Lea Sauerwein, Christian Ebenhöh, and René Geiger in the current issue 5/2021 of PhotonicsViews: a new approach to the joining of polymers combines...


Thin film cutting with reduced heat affected zone

05.10.2021 -

Technical article by Patrick Kim in the new issue 5/2021 of PhotonicsViews: new laser system component minimizes unwanted heat accumulation in the material being...


Web-based design tool for better job safety

24.08.2021 -

The safety of people interacting with robots has top priority, especially when humans and robots are working side by side instead of being separated from each other by...


Advanced Photosensors for LiDAR

16.08.2021 -

Florian Friedl, Group Leader Automotive at Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH, presents challenges, trends and selection criteria for LiDAR sensors.


Metrology & Industry 4.0

10.08.2021 -

Peter J. de Groot and Michael Schmidt have provided a pivotal article, looking at the extremely important subject of the role of metrology in Industry 4.0.


PanDao – optical fabrication design tool

06.08.2021 -

By analyzing lens data during optics design, the optimal optical fabrication chain can be determined.


Smart monitoring of battery welding processes

14.07.2021 -

One of the key laser application areas in the e-automotive industry is the welding of the battery. Sensor systems from Lessmüller Lasertechnik ensure reliable high...


“First time right” freeform optics

05.07.2021 -

Researchers at Brussels Photonics, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, have developed a “first time right” design method that eliminates the “step-and-repeat” and “trial-and...