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Whitepaper: Key Factors for Efficient Cleanliness Analysis

09.04.2020 -

This Whitepaper gives an overview of factors which are essential for an efficient cleanliness analysis process concerning automotive and electronics manufacturing.
In the automotive and electronics industry, even the smallest particulate contamination on components or parts may influence their performance, causing them to malfunction or decrease their lifetime. For automobiles, the filter systems are particularly vulnerable.

For electronics, contamination on printed circuit boards (PCBs) or connectors may cause short circuits. So, cleanliness plays a central role in quality control for modern manufacturing, especially when using components produced by various suppliers. Contamination on critical components for a vehicle or device can lead to a breakdown of the entire system. Therefore, an efficient cleanliness analysis process must begin at the supplier level.

The following points are addressed in this article:

  • Most important factors for efficient cleanliness analysis
  • Optimization of the overall analysis workflow

Download the Whitepaper here for free.




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