2 min Essentials: How to install an infrared camera in five simple steps

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21.04.2021 - How do you get an infrared camera ready for thermal process optimization? Andreas Buringa knows. He is Senior Product Manager Thermal Imaging at Automation Technology and explains the simple steps in just a few minutes. Register now for free.

The smart infrared cameras from AT - Automation Technology are designed to be easily integrated into any existing system via plug & play. These 2 min essentials show how simple the installation process really is, not only to connect the infrared camera, but also to get it ready for thermal process optimization within a few minutes - and even without any prior technical knowledge.

When: on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, at 10 a.m.

Registration: Register now for free for the 2 min Essentials: How to connect an infrared camera in five easy steps (The webinar will be in German)


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