Antares Vision takes over Adent High Tech

16.11.2020 -

Antares Vision has acquired the French company Adents High Tech International ("Adents"). Adents, which is currently in liquidation, has a traceability and serialization software platform for managing and exchanging data between companies and regulators (level 5) as well as a full range of cloud services (both single-tenant and multi-tenant) Tenant). The platform is primarily focused on the pharmaceutical sector and is also strategically important in other sectors such as food, beverages (particularly in the champagne niche) and luxury goods.

The transaction will enable Antares Vision to expand its portfolio of software solutions that are able to track the entire supply chain from start to finish, so that all actors in the supply chain (distributors, CMOs, 3PLs, hospitals and pharmacies) comply with the regulations on drug traceability be able to comply and ensure the transparency and sustainability of the production and sales chain in various industries.

The deal will take place within the maximum term of 2 months; the value of the transaction in the amount of 1.5 million euros will be paid in cash. It should be noted that the transaction does not exceed any of the applicable class tests of 25% in accordance with Art.


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