CCS introduces the new LFX3 Series

CCS has recently launched its new LFX3 series, the successor of the industry’s unique flat dome light unit. With its increased product lineup (new sizes and newly added colors), its greatly increased brightness and performance, and the newly developed user-friendly body, the LFX3 answers the market’s need, making this successor much, much more than just an upgrade of an older series. In addition, the LFX3 series now also includes models with a newly developed line pattern. This new pattern is ideal for the inspection of highly reflective or mirror-like surfaces.

More flexible

The LFX3 can best be described as a flat dome light. This LED lighting unit can illuminate parts with very uniform light output and is able to inspect parts that have highly reflective surfaces and irregularities, all without creating shadows or dark spots.
When the LFX3 series is compared with other products that provide similar effects, the LFX3 series is a thinner and much more “easy-to-use” solution, thanks to its new thin and space saving design. The newly designed housing adds functionality due to the added mounting holes and nut slots, thus making the LFX3 series a user-friendly solution, because it is very easy to install on manufacturing lines and in machines. With its 13.1mm height, the new housing is extremely thin and takes up minimal space in your application.
Through the development of the new optical systems and higher LED output, CCS has achieved three times the brightness of the previous models with the new LFX3 series. Also, CCS Inc. now has a wider range of sizes and colors in the standard lineup.
The product lineup now includes units with a 25x25mm emitting surface. This new size provides the optimum compact size for narrow inspection spaces. It is also a perfect fit for inspecting small parts. The new lineup also includes new larger models of the LFX3, to complement the 200x200mm version. The new model has an emitting surface of 200x100mm and is ideal for inspecting larger objects or inspecting multiple small objects in field of view, and is a perfect fit for the inspection of rectangular objects.
With the expanded sizes, we also expanded our color lineup. The LFX3 series is standard available in White, Red, Blue, and infrared. This coupled with the new sizes will make it easy to select the right LFX3 unit to suit any application.


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