Compact 48 megapixel Global Shutter CMOS cameras

Now offering the LX series also with CMV50000 CMOS sensor by ams Sensors Belgium (previously CMOSIS), Baumer opens the way to applications placing the highest demands on resolution, frame rates and image quality. The new LX cameras in compact 60 × 60 mm housing, deliver up to 15 fps at the full resolution of 7920 × 6004 pixels. Therefore highly-dynamic processes such as inspection of PCBs, wafers, surfaces and displays as well as track & trace applications can benefit from high-resolution images with reliable detection of even the finest details and the slightest deviation.

Where previously several high-resolution cameras were required to fulfill demanding accuracy requirements, now a single 48 megapixel LX camera will suffice. This will reduce system and integration cost and increase system uptime. Series production of the new Dual GigE and Camera Link cameras begins in the fourth quarter of 2017.


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