Customized High Power Backlights

The popular TPL Vision High Power Backlights are available in 6 different versions. The modular systems allow a fast and easy integration into machine vision systems. Power, different wavelength and modularity ease the adaption to different tasks. The powerful LED backlight systems are available in three different ranges from 50 x 50 mm to 1500 x 1500 mm and can cover areas of more then 2 m². Many applications in quality inspection can be covered.

Popular tasks are silhouette cuts and transmission measurements. Especially larger sizes of illumination are improving by the use of High Power LED technology. Further use is as large homogenous diffuse bright field illumination. Another variation is the "flat dome". An opening for the lens is provided to let the camera look straight at the part to be inspected. A similar effect as of the dome is archived.

For linescan application an elongated backlight with length from 100 to 3000 mm in free configuration can be provided. The radiation power is about 20.000 lux, depending on the product and can be improved by the optional strobing function.

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