High Definition Inspection Camera System

The Inspex HD 1080p Vesa is a high definition camera inspection system offering superb full 1080p HD image quality, colour reproduction, contrast and resolution. Removable USB Storage Image Capture: Now you can store images directly to your USB Storage Device. Simply plug your device into the Inspex HD 1080p USB port. Integrated, real time, on screen measuring grids and cursors provide a simple and effective way to measure without a PC. On Screen Display provides vital information such as magnification level, focus/exposure mode and in depth settings menu. Advanced Image Functions include:
Wide Dynamic Range uses overlapping multiple exposures depending on the saturation level of each pixel.

White Balance refers to the process of making sure whites appear as white in your images. This will help eliminate colour casts that come from various light sources -- the sun, incandescent bulbs and florescent bulbs. Noise Reduction removes noise to provide clearer images. More Advanced Functions: Brightness, Cross Hair, Overview, Infrared, Memory Recall (3), LED Intensity, Iris, Hi Contrast, Auto/Manual Focus, Auto/Manual Exposure, Gain.