New Manta Models

Allied Vision expands its Manta camera family with two new models incorporating second generation Sony IMX CMOS sensors with Pregius global shutter pixel technology. The Manta G-158 incorporates the IMX273 sensor, offering a resolution of 1.58 megapixels and a frame rate of 75.3 fps at full resolution. The Manta G-040 is equipped with the IMX287 sensor delivering a resolution of 0.40 Megapixels and a frame rate of 286 fps at full resolution. Slightly higher frame rates can be achieved in burst mode.
These new Manta models are especially suited for industrial applications that require accurate imaging of fast-moving objects. Due to their superior performance, these models will be the best candidates to replace existing CCD cameras with similar resolution and optical formats (e.g. with Sony ICX424 or ICX445 CCD sensors). Particular highlights are the three look-up tables, sophisticated color correction capabilities, a robust metal housing, and many modular options like a board level version.



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