VisionCam XM: With 1 Gbit/s ready for application developers

Imago has introduced a new embedded vision industrial camera. Their 5 MPixel Python (OnSemi) delivers high-resolution images - these are processed with a dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 processor. Cortex-A15 benchmarks show the progress compared to older ARM Cortex-A9 variants. A Debian-based Linux runs on the machine, optionally with RT Linux kernel. On the chip, there are coprocessors for special tasks, be it a GPU or continually fast dual-core DSPs especially for image processing algorithms, are still fast dual-core DSPs. Two RISC processors can be used e.g. for fieldbus connections. The data exchange takes place via the 1 Gbit/s interface and thus opens up additional degrees of freedom. It is not absolutely necessary to analyze the images completely in the camera. In the case of multicamera systems, for example, complex algorithms can be implemented and pictures or image sections can be sent to superordinate computers. As an image processing library, Halcon Embedded is available, including a sample program.

Concerning the development environment, Microsoft Visual Studio has established itself, which can still be used. The code is transferred to the camera via a plug-in, the compiler runs locally under Linux, and the debug information is returned to Visual Studio at runtime. A PC-based vision project can be quickly transferred to an intelligent camera. This allows the customer to develop his personal vision sensor for his special application or special market.


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