Yxlon: Unprecedented detail visibility ≤ 150 nm for precise results

With the new release of the FF20 CT und FF35 CT systems for computed tomography and thanks to a brand-new 190 kV nanofocus tube, Yxlon now achieves in the case of 2D applications an as yet unparalleled detail visibility ≤ 150 nm even at high energies. New CT algorithms provide optimum spacial resolution and care for highest precision and time efficiency at a large range of CT applications. With this new release, the systems consequently deliver the best inspection results during the non-destructive testing of materials and furthermore fulfill the most important prerequisites for demanding metrology applications.

This unprecedented 150 nm detail visibility, even in the presence of high levels of energy, is made possible for the first time due to an extremely small focal spot displayed by the water-cooled, 190 kV nanofocus tube that has been newly developed by Yxlon in Hamburg. In addition, new CT algorithms provide optimum image resolution in the event of a larger field of view (FOV). The new ScanExtend feature offers a horizontal FOV extension and is ideally suited for larger inspection items or enables smaller inspection items to be magnified to an even greater degree. The scan is implemented during a complete rotation of the inspection item, then reconstructed free of artifacts. This, in turn, leads to a time savings, unlike the case with conventional algorithms that utilize so-called ‘stitching’, which makes them more time-consuming. What’s more, new developments such as the virtual rotation axis and the HeliExtend feature (Helical CT) increase the breadth of application, the quality of inspections and the time efficiency for the application user to an even greater extent. For example, this is of particular benefit in the case of small, vertically elongated parts such as 3D printed nozzles.


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