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Machine Vision

Machine vision: VDMA issues negative growth forecast for the first time in 15 years

02.05.2024 -

In 2023, turnover in the German and European machine vision industry fell by 7 percent, reports the VDMA. The association is forecasting a decline of 3 percent for 2024.


VDMA Conveyor Technology and Intralogistics Association has a new chairman

26.02.2024 -

Jan Drömer, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at ek robotics, will take over as chairman of the conveyor technology and intralogistics specialist association for the next...


AM experts make a strong addition to the RapidTech 3D advisory board

30.11.2023 -

The VDMA’s Additive Manufacturing Working Group will serve as the conceptual sponsor of the event from 2024 as collaboration with industry ramps up.


New board of directors elected

17.11.2023 -

VDMA working group laser and laser systems for material processing fills leadership positions.


VDMA and Spectaris against PFAS ban

26.09.2023 -

According to the associations, the EU's planned general ban on the PFAS group of substances would be an enormous threat to high-tech industries.


Change in the board at VDMA Robotics

13.09.2023 -

The board of VDMA Robotics has appointed Thomas Hähn, founder and CEO of the United Robotics Group, as a new board member.


VDMA: Good first half of 2023 for mechanical engineering

15.08.2023 -

The first half of 2023 went well for the German mechanical engineering sector, reports the VDMA. For the second half of the year VDMA sees a significant downturn looming.


Study by VDMA and ZVEI shows possible data ecosystem for SMEs

09.08.2023 -

What could a data room for the manufacturing industry look like that enables it to develop in the direction of Industry 4.0? A study by VDMA and ZVEI provides possible...


New Chairman of VDMA Measuring and Testing Technology

04.08.2023 -

The board of the association has elected Dr Marcus Korthäuer, managing director of Espera-Werke in Duisburg.


Machine vision again saw double-digit growth

22.06.2023 -

Machine vision sales in Germany grew by 11 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year. This is reported by the VDMA. Robotics is also growing slightly.


New board of directors

26.05.2023 -

Elections at the VDMA Working Group Laser and Laser Systems for Material Processing.


VDMA is the sponsor of Laser World of Photonics

10.05.2023 -

The VDMA Working Group on Lasers and Laser Systems for Material Processing assumes the conceptual sponsorship of the trade fair for components, systems and applications...


Cooperation with added value

24.04.2023 -

VDMA and Photonics Germany have signed a memorandum of understanding for closer collaboration.


Guideline series VDI/VDE/VDMA 2632: Sheet 1 updated

01.03.2023 -

With the new edition of Guideline VDI/VDE/VDMA 2632 Part 1 published in January 2023, the terminology described therein has been updated.


VDMA: Machine exports at it's peak

13.02.2023 -

The USA further strengthened its position as the most important export market for mechanical and plant engineering last year. Overall, exports increased by 11 billion...


VDMA: Machinery and plant engineering sector expects production to decline in 2023

13.12.2022 -

The VDMA expects production value to fall by 2 percent in 2023. For this year, on the other hand, the mechanical engineering association anticipates a plus of 1 percent.


VDMA expects sales growth of 10 percent for 2023

14.11.2022 -

Electrical Automation expects a 10 percent increase in sales in 2023.


European association Eunited Robotics joins VDMA

07.11.2022 -

Eunited Robotics and VDMA Robotics + Automation merge. The members of Eunited Robotics will be represented by VDMA from January 2023.


VDMA forecasts growth for German machine vision

12.10.2022 -

Industrial image processing in Germany is expected to generate sales of 3.3 billion euros in 2022 - this corresponds to an increase of 8 percent compared to the previous...


VDMA bundles competences – focus on quantum technologies

12.07.2022 -

By working together in one joint forum, synergies within the association are utilized and invested in commitment to the future of quantum technologies and photonics.


Laser industry 2022: development and challenges

24.06.2022 -

Board members of the laser working group discuss thematic development priorities, electromobility, and potentials of blue diode lasers.


Machine vision industry grew by 16 percent in 2021

21.06.2022 -

According to the VDMA, sales in the German machine vision industry rose by 16 percent in 2021, reaching 3.1 billion euros. Overall, revenues in the robotics and...


New board of directors at VDMA group "Lasers and Laser Systems for Material Processing"

13.06.2022 -

At the spring meeting of the VDMA Working Group on Lasers and Laser Systems for Material Processing (AG Laser), the members elected a new board for the next four years.


VDMA Significantly Reduces Production Forecast for 2022

01.06.2022 -

The Ukraine war and the lockdowns in China are weakening production growth in the machinery and plant engineering sector. Business with Russia has come to a virtual...


VDMA founds additive manufacturing trade association

25.05.2022 -

AM processes are playing an increasingly important role in industrial production. Networking within the VDMA helps to further develop this technology of the future.


inspect award 2022: Submit Your Product Now!

06.05.2022 -

The application phase for the inspect award 2022 has begun. All machine vision and optical metrology companies are invited to submit their products by May 13. This year...


Best business prospects for additive technologies

19.04.2022 -

Investment plans in AM remain high – technology development of greatest importance in the industry.


Machinery exports: China extends lead over Germany

17.03.2022 -

German machinery manufacturers exported machinery and equipment worth 179.4 billion euros in 2021, with growth of 10 percent, the VDMA reports. However, China remains the...


VDMA: Exports almost back to pre-Corona level

21.02.2022 -

German mechanical and plant engineering increased exports in 2021 by a nominal 9.8 percent to 179.4 billion euros, only slightly below the figure for 2019. The chances of...


Mechanical engineering records 32 percent more orders than in 2020

03.02.2022 -

The German mechanical and plant engineering sector recorded a 32 percent increase in order intake in 2021. As a result, the order backlog at the turn of the year was 10.9...


VDMA fall survey: business climate in China clouds over

09.12.2021 -

According to the current fall survey for the second half of 2021, the business climate for the German mechanical and plant engineering industry in China has deteriorated...

Machine Vision

A brilliant restart

20.10.2021 -

For the first time in three years, the machine vision industry made its pilgrimage back to Stuttgart for Vision. It all took place on a smaller scale - fewer exhibitors...


The basics and terms of industrial machine vision are updated

06.10.2021 -

The series of guidelines VDI / VDE / VDMA 2632 Part 1 has been published as a draft. Its aim is to support users and solution providers in the implementation of the...


VDMA: Machine Vision is booming, lack of chips means longer delivery times

06.10.2021 -

The forecast has been confirmed: the European machine vision industry will grow by 7 percent in 2021. The order books are full. Only the lack of chips is slowing the...


Vision 2021: Panel Discussion - Is Deep Learning Just Hype?

29.09.2021 -

What is the Deep Learning hype all about? This question will be discussed by five proven experts on the first day of the machine vision trade show "Vision": Dr. Dietmar...


Mark Williamson becomes Chairman of the Board of VDMA Machine Vision

24.09.2021 -

During the general meeting of the VDMA Robotics + Automation Association, the members of the VDMA Machine Vision Division elected a new board. Mark Williamson, Managing...


Production growth of five percent expected in mechanical and plant engineering

17.09.2021 -

The order books in mechanical and plant engineering have filled well, at the same time many companies are struggling with increasing material and delivery bottlenecks. In...


The program of the "Industrial Vision Days" is ready

16.09.2021 -

The Industrial Vision Days are at the center of the supporting program of Vision 2021. At the world's largest forum for machine vision, organized by VDMA Machine Vision...


VDMA: Production forecast 2021 increased to 10 percent

30.06.2021 -

VDMA raises real production forecast for 2021 from previously plus 7 percent in real terms to now plus 10 percent. Furthermore, new technologies are contributing to the...

Machine Vision

Top Products in Machine Vision Wanted!

30.04.2021 -

The application phase for the ­inspect award 2022 has begun. All machine vision and optical metrology companies are invited to submit their products. The deadline is May...


VDMA: Mechanical engineering to partially make up for Corona slump in 2021

13.04.2021 -

The VDMA expects the machinery and plant engineering sector to make up for some of the Corona-related slump this year. The association forecasts growth in production in...


Mechanical engineering output down 12.1 percent in 2020

09.02.2021 -

According to preliminary calculations by the VDMA, production in the German mechanical and plant engineering sector fell by 12.1 percent in real terms in the corona year...


VDMA: Order volume recovered at the end of 2020

05.02.2021 -

In December 2020, the volume of orders in the mechanical engineering sector increased by 7 percent year-on-year, the VDMA reports. For the year as a whole, the books show...


Mechanical engineering: Sales decline in 2020 smaller than feared

27.01.2021 -

Four out of five companies will close the 2020 financial year with a decline in sales. Nevertheless, the proportion of companies that have managed to avoid a minus has...

Karl Haeusgen appointed VDMA President

12.10.2020 - Karl Haeusgen has been elected as the new VDMA President for the next four years by the general assembly of the VDMA in Wiesbaden. He is the regular successor to Carl Martin...

VDMA: Corona crisis noticeably slows exports in mechanical engineering

19.08.2020 - Machine exports from Germany were hit hard by the corona pandemic in the second quarter. Between April and June 2020, they fell by 22.9 percent year-on-year to 35.2 billion euros...

VDMA: Orders received by the German mechanical engineering industry continue to decline in May

06.07.2020 - In May, domestic demand contracted by 23 percent and orders from abroad fell by 31 percent. Orders from the euro zone were 27 per cent down on the previous year's level, with 32...

VDMA Survey: Mechanical engineering industry optimistic despite difficult order situation

24.06.2020 - The vast majority of mechanical engineering industries are confident of returning to the nominal sales level of 2019 in the medium term. This is the key message of the sixth VDMA...

Brexit: No Unilateral Concessions in Favour of the UK

03.04.2017 - Even after Brexit, the UK will remain an important trading and investment partner for European companies, which is why the VDMA is calling for swift and transparent discussions...

Incoming orders in the mechanical engineering: International business continues to grow

03.04.2017 - Incoming orders in February in the mechanical engineering sector remained overall at the previous year’s level (plus/minus 0 percent). The domestic market (minus 6 percent) could...


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Digital tools or software can ease your life as a photonics professional by either helping you with your system design or during the manufacturing process or when purchasing components. Check out our compilation:

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inspect award 2024

Submit your product now for the inspect award 2024

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