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21.04.2021 - Issue No. 1/2021 of inspect international is out now. The Cover Story, written by Richard Laepple for Volume Graphics, is about intelligent quality assurance for automotive batteries. Computed tomography detects defects in modern lithium-ion batteries. Another main topic of this issue is artificial intelligence in machine vision. Don't miss it, just read it.

p. 3: Editorial
April Showers Bring May Flowers
Author: Sonja Schleif

Cover Story

p. 14: Intelligent Quality Assurance for Batteries
Computed Tomography Detects Defects in Modern Lithium-Ion Batteries
Author: Richard Laepple

Markets / Events

p. 6: News

p. 12: WIN>DAYS – The Virtual Industry Event
Virtual Trade Fair for Automation, Machine Vision & Photonics

p. 13: Top Products in Machine Vision Wanted!
inspect award 2022
Briefly Introduced: The Jury


p. 18: Biomedical Imaging
A Guide to Choosing Machine Vision Camera Specifications and How to Calculate Them
Author: James Stobie

p. 20: Reduce Textil Waste with Hyperspectral Imaging
An InGaAs-Based Spectral Camera Covers the Different Spectral Signatures of Conventional Fabrics and Increases the Reliability of the Detection
Author: Peter Stiefenhöfer

p. 23: The Evolution of Machine Vision Interfaces
100 Gigabit Ethernet Cameras

p. 24: Quantitative Chemical Imaging
Bringing Laboratory Quality Control to the Production Line
Author: Alexander Fetz

p. 26: Products

p. 28: AI and Machine Vision
A Series of Insights
Author: Natalie Ryan

p. 30: Seeing Is Believing: AI-Powered Camera Sensors
Computing at the Edge: Smart Cameras, Robotic Vehicles and End-Point Devices
Author: Manouchehr Rafie

p. 32: Tracking Down Human Actions with AI
Software Library Adapts Using Machine Learning
Author: Cagatay Odabasi

p. 34: Computer Vision for Industry
Modular and Scalable End-to-End Solution for Industrial Computer Vision
Authors: Tom Marvin Ihme, Deepa Kasinathan

p. 36: The Evolution of Time-of-Flight Sensors
New Applications for the 3D Sensors
Author: Piotr Papaj

p. 38: Products


p. 40: The Future of Manufacturing with Cobots
Enhancing Production Efficiency, Flexibility and Quality with the Help of Camera and Vision Technology
Author: Peter Lange

p. 42: Food Reliably Sorted and Packaged
Fully Automated Packaging Systems Use Reliable, Durable Cameras to Ensure Sufficient Resolution and Speed for Flawless Sorting and Packaging
Author: Patrick Menge

p. 44: 3D Metrology in Special Bicycle Workshop
Efficient Quality Assurance for Batch Size 1 with the Help of 3D Scanners
Author: Sien Supply

p. 45: Products


p. 46: Test System for Medical Technology
Test Bench and Test Concept for Surgical Lights
Author: Jürgen P. Weißhaar

p. 48: Products

p. 50: Index

p. 50: Imprint

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