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Highlights of machine vision

03.09.2021 - After the fair had to be cancelled last year due to Corona, the optics, photonics, electronics and mechanics trade fair "W3+ Fair Rheintal" will open its doors again on September 22, 2021. Some exhibitors already revealed in advance what they would like to show in Dornbirn. In total, more than 100 companies are taking part as exhibitors, speakers and trade fair partners.

After the W3+ Fair Wetzlar was also cancelled for this year, the optics, photonics and mechatronics industry is even more pleased about this year's W3+ Fair Rheintal. Numerous companies are taking part, many of which are presenting products to a larger audience for the first time due to the pandemic.

Among them is the D7 interferometer from Nortus Optronic. This is a compact system with an accuracy of Lambda/1000 or 0.6 nm and high user-friendliness.

Argos Matrix 200 is the system for automated defect inspection of optical surfaces that will be on display at Dioptic's booth. The system detects scratches, holes, edge protrusions or coating defects down to a size of 1 µm and evaluates components according to ISO 10110-7 or customer-specific specifications. Another trade show first from the exhibitor is its line of 70 double-sided telecentric lenses for sensors with 11.5 to 44 mm diagonal and object sizes from 25 to 315 mm, whose modular approach offers the full range of fields of view for any sensor size.

An ultra-stable optical component for photonics and special applications will be presented by Phoenix Optical at W3+ Rheintal. It is six times harder than any conventional optical protective glass and offers reliable protection in application areas with harsh environmental conditions.

Specifically for the packaging of photonics chips such as photodetectors, laser diodes, LEDs and MEMS mirrors, Materion Balzers Optics has developed Cuplid Cavity Windows - a space-saving housing for surface mounting. This forms a fully-hermetic package in which a window cavity is soldered to a ceramic submount under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere. The cuplids are available with various anti-reflective or filter coatings, and solder preforms are available upon request.

Telecentric lenses for high resolutions

Telecentric lenses always image an object in the same size and without distortion, regardless of the distance - an important property for many apparatuses in measuring, testing and production technology. Swarotec's telecentric lens impresses with its high resolution - single-digit μm ranges are no problem - and detail recognition, making it a highlight at the booth.

Novel Optics will show components and modules for lidar, camera and other optical sensor solutions at W3+ Rheintal. A novelty are lenses for automotive ADAS cameras with different fields of view, compatible with Mobileye and Nvidia based system solutions. Also new are camera modules with liquid lenses for harsh operating conditions and modules for automotive surround view and DMS.

Highlights at Sill Optics' booth this year include F-Theta lenses for welding applications, which are suitable for two wavelengths at 450 nm and in the infrared range between 1,030 nm and 1,090 nm.

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The nominees have been determined. Vote now for the inspect award 2022

Image Sensors Europe will return in 2021 in a new online format.

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