Scansonic: Rethinking operation of the optics

Laser optics for high-quality cutting results

10.11.2021 - When laser cutting sheet metal, the quality of the cutting optics is decisive for the overall process. The cutting heads of the SCut series from Scansonic set standards in quality and operation with their comprehensive functionalities.

The SCut laser cutting optics ensure burr-free cuts in both flatbed and bevel cutting for thin as well as thick sheets. To achieve this, SCut combines low-drift distance control with autofocus function.

The Scansonic developers have rethought the operation of the optics. The horizontal adjustment between the laser beam and nozzle is carried out precisely and true to the axis using two rotary controls attached to the front. This solution not only saves time during setup but also increases the quality of machining significantly.

A sophisticated mechanical sealing system protects the optical components from contamination and ensures that the cutting optics are extremely robust. Continuous seal monitoring notifies the user early if something goes wrong.

The SCut laser cutting optics are also particularly user-friendly in terms of maintenance and service. Trained staff can carry out a great deal of maintenance on-site, even the replacement of optics packages. This saves time and prevents system downtimes.

Both SCut laser cutting optics work with fiber and disk lasers in the wavelength range from 1030 to 1130 nm and are available with the Optoskand QBH and Trumpf-D fiber connectors. The optics are suitable for all modern high-performance laser cutting systems.

From now on, Scansonic will sell the optics directly. This offers the customer numerous benefits: On the one hand, they benefit from direct manufacturer service. On the other hand, the developers receive vital impulses from the users for their work.


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Vote now at the inspect award 2022 and choose the best machine vision products.

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