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inspect award 2022: The winners

The best innovations in machine vision and optical metrology

20.10.2021 - The presentation of the inspect award 2022 took place at the Vision trade fair - on a smaller scale than usual, but still with overwhelming glamour compared to the Lockdown 2020. Awards were presented for the best innovations in industrial machine vision and optical metrology. Thus, the journey to Stuttgart was worthwhile for the attendees not only because of the Vision.

Due to the special hygiene regulations that continue to apply, a maximum of 21 people were allowed to be present at the same time in the specially reserved room in the Congress Center West at Messe Stuttgart. However, this did not dampen the joy of the winners. After the actual award ceremony, the company representatives present stayed for a small celebration, including champagne and nibbles.

The winning products in the Vision category

1st place: CBC (Europe) with the ViSWIR lens series of the Hyper-APO series

The ViSWIR lens series of the Hyper-APO series from CBC (Europe) offers high resolution in the wavelength range between 400 and 1,700 nm, with full correction of focus shift. By using very low dispersion and low partial dispersion glass, focus shift is minimized within a few microns over a very wide wavelength range. This allows spectral imaging with a single sensor camera by simply synchronizing the illumination. Instead of the usual 1-inch format, this ViSWIR Hyper-APO lens has a 2/3-inch format. It also eliminates the need to adjust focus for different wavelengths.

2nd place: Imago Technologies: Industrial Dashcam

Imago Technologies' Industrial Dashcam is as small as a matchbox, yet it has an integrated computer and records images in full HD resolution - before, during or after a trigger from, for example, a PLC fault status. Via Ethernet, the videos are available to the user on his PC, where he can examine them with a video tool, for example in slow motion. This smart camera is available in black and white or color, with the smallest lens or standard C-mount lenses.

3rd place: Edmund Optics: Techspec CW lens series

Edmund Optics' Techspec CW series lenses are splash-proof fixed focal length lenses that meet IEC ingress protection ratings IPX7 & IPX9K. They do not require additional protective tubes, allowing for more compact and lightweight imaging systems. The special focus mechanism and fixed apertures also make them much more stable than ordinary lenses against vibration and shock. Multiple O-rings prevent water from entering the lens. The lenses further feature a specially coated hydrophobic protection window, which prevents water droplets from sticking to the lens.

The winning products in the Automation & Control category

1st place Göpel Electronic: AOI module for assembly processes KI MultieyeS plus

First place was won by Göpel Electronic's smart MultieyeS plus automatic optical inspection module for integration into assembly and THT pick-and-place stations, which fully meets inspection requirements through the consistent use of modern technologies. The system concept based on multi-camera image acquisition technology enables recordings with high image quality and detail resolution. Thanks to the AI functions used, the system is self-learning and works reliably even without light shielding. Real-time monitoring of assembly and placement processes directly at the assembly station is now a reality.

2nd place: Visiconsult X-ray Systems & Solutions: X H.130 Inline X-ray inspection system

Second place was won by the X H.130 Inline X-ray system from Visiconsult X-ray Systems & Solutions, which is fully integrated into the production line and inspects and measures internal structures of components. Precise mechanics, a high-resolution X-ray generator and sophisticated image processing algorithms ensure that even small deviations can be detected. The system can perform automatic defect detection (pores, cracks, etc.) and complex measurement tasks (distance, alignment, etc.). A novelty is the dual detector setup: two parts are scanned simultaneously without distortion. All part holders are equipped with RFID chips and the results are transferred directly to the ERP system or MES.

3rd place: Cretec Cybernetics: Inspection system QBIC Robotic Vision Control

This year's third place goes to the inspection system QBIC Robotic Vision Control from Cretec Cybernetics, which separates completely different parts with different sizes (10-60 mm) and geometries from bulk material and inspects them 100% for dimensional accuracy, completeness, damage, contamination, surface defects or other deviations.
In terms of image processing, conventional machine vision is used in combination with artificial intelligence. The inspection results are visualized on large 24-inch touchscreen HMIs in a clean, comprehensible manner. The HMI serves as the central operating unit. The individual QBICs can be integrated into any IT via OPC/UA.

David Löh, Editor-in-Chief of inspect


CBC (Europe) GmbH

Fritz-Vomfelde-Str. 6
40547 Düsseldorf

+49 211 53067 0
+49 211 53067 546

Imago Technologies GmbH

Straßheimer Str. 45
61169 Friedberg

+49 6031 684 26 11
+49 6031 684 26 12

Edmund Optics Europe

Isaac-Fulda-Allee 5
55124 Mainz

+49 6131 570 00

Göpel electronic GmbH

Göschwitzer Str. 58/60
07745 Jena

+49 3641 6896 0
+49 3641 6896 944

VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH

Brandenbrooker Weg 2-4
23617 Stockelsdorf

+ 49 451 290 286 0
+49 451 290 286 22

Cretec Cybernetics GmbH

Industriestraße 35
63654 Büdingen

+49 6042 565 2595 10

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Submit your product now for the inspect award 2023

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Digital tools or software can ease your life as a photonics professional by either helping you with your system design or during the manufacturing process or when purchasing components. Check out our compilation:

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