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Edmund Optics (EO) is a leading producer of optics, imaging, and photonics technology. Supporting the semi­conductor, ­electronics, biomedical, assembly, and manufacturing mar­kets throughout the globe; EO electronic imaging and machine ­vision solutions have been used in a variety of inspection applications from food to automotive to pharmaceutical. EO's vast offering of machine vision lenses, illumination sources, and cameras offer a dynamic choice of solutions for any application. EO's extensive global manufacturing facilities also ­allow for custom system design and development.

Customers can purchase items by contacting EO at +44 1904 788 600, via the catalog, or via the website at www.edmund­optics.eu, where all channels offer extensive technical support for selecting the right product to enable the final application.

Edmund Optics

Edmund Optics Inc.,
101 E. Gloucester Pike
Barrington, NJ 08007, USA
Tel.: +1 856 5736 250

EO Europe has locations in ­Finland, France, Germany, and the UK and cooperates with ­various representatives throughout the continent. ­Request our free catalogue for optical components, imaging products and laser optics.

Phone & Email
Germany: +49 6131 5700 0
France: +33 820 207 555
UK:  +44 1904 788 600
Italy: +39 800 875 211
Spain: +34 914 197 354
Russia: +7 499 350 3901
Europe: +44 1904 788 600
If you are in one of this countries, please call the respective number. After regular business hours, English only.


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Monday - Friday, 2:00 - 24:00 CET

Samuel Sadoulet, President, ­­
MD EO Germany

Marisa Edmund, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, MD EO ­Germany
Helge Vogt, Director Sales ­Europe
Dr. Boris Lange, Manager ­Imaging Europe

1942 in USA, 2000 in Germany

appr. 1,000

Cameras, Imaging Lenses, ­Lighting Equipment, Microscopes, ­Optics, Optical Components, etc.

Industries served
Electronics/Semiconductors, ­Medical Technology, ­Mechanical Engineering, Line ­Building, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Chemical, Precision Engineering, Optics, Machine Vision, Traffic, Logistics, etc.


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News from this company

Machine Vision

inspect award 2022: The nominees have been selected

17.06.2021 -

The jury of the inspect award 2022 has nominated ten products in the categories "Vision" and "Automation + Control" and the voting runs from now until September 24, 2021...


Edmund Optics opens New Assembly Plant

16.02.2021 -

Edmund Optics has opened a new Assembly and Advanced Design Facility in Tucson, AZ, the second Edmund Optics location in the state.


CEO of Edmund Optics becomes SPIE Fellow

15.02.2021 -

The International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) names Robert Edmund, CEO of Edmund Optics, an SPIE Fellow, honoring him for his contributions to the industry.


EO Announces 2020 Award Recipients

05.02.2021 -

Edmund Optics Educational Award and Norman Edmund Award


Edmund Optics offers optical gratings from Richardson Gratings

27.01.2021 -

Edmund Optics is now a global distributor for Richardson Gratings' optical diffraction gratings.


Ultrafast Innovations and Edmund Optics enter into partnership

22.01.2021 -

Ultrafast Innovations (UFI), a manufacturer of high-precision laser optics, and Edmund Optics are working more closely with immediate effect.

Machine Vision

The winners of the inspect award 2021

20.11.2020 -

The winners of the inspect award have been announced! A jury consisting of Anne Wendel, machine vision specialist in the Robotics + Automation Association at VDMA, Thomas...

Edmund Optics acquires Quality Thin Films (QTF)

11.11.2020 - Edmund Optics has acquired QTF, a company offering a wide range of optical components with high laser damage threshold and laser crystal coatings from the UV to the far IR. This...

WIN>DAYS 2020: Wiley Industry Days as a virtual industry event for machine vision, automation and security

23.10.2020 - The trade journals inspect, messtec drives Automation and GIT SICHERHEIT are organizing the virtual "Wiley Industry Days", or WIN>DAYS for short, with around 30 well-known...

Edmund Optics is now selling some Cailabs products exclusively

22.06.2020 - Cailabs, a manufacturer of photonics products, and Edmund Optics have joined forces: The reflective Canunda axicons from Cailabs are now exclusively available online at EO. The...

Edmund Optics and Schott expand collaboration

22.06.2020 - Edmund Optics and Schott expand their strategic partnership to give customers access to high-quality polished optical glass filters from Schott. Both companies have been working...

The winners of the inspect award 2020

19.11.2019 - The field of applicants was strong, so there was little room between the nominees. But ultimately the readers of the inspect made a choice and each chose a winner from the...

Edmund Optics and II-VI cooperate

12.02.2019 - Edmund Optics has announced a partnership with II-VI to ensure immediate delivery of Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) optical components. Zinc selenide (ZnSe) planoconvex (PCX) lenses, zinc...

Machine Vision

Liquid Lens Telecentric Lenses Are a Combination of Two Technologies that Taps New Potentials

31.07.2018 - The introduction of liquid lens telecentric lenses saves time and money, and applications that could hardly be realized before are now within reach. This article informs about...

Edmund Optics Acquires ITOS

08.01.2018 - Edmund Optics announces the complete acquisition of ITOS GmbH in Mainz. The company will be a 100% subsidiary of Edmund Optics Inc. and will function as "ITOS - A Division of...

Edmund Optics Announces Equity Investment in ITOS

08.05.2017 - Edmund Optics anounced an equity investment in ITOS in Mainz, further details of the agreement remain confidential. ITOS-Gesellschaft für Technische Optik mbH, has manufactured...

Edmund Optics Celebrates Its 75th Birthday

14.02.2017 - Edmund Optics celebrates its 75th anniversary. On the occasion of this, the company would like to show some highlights from its history as well as new, innovative products and...

Products from this company


Composed optics simplify system integration

Edmund Optics Europe - Edmund Optics now offers plano-convex lenses (PCX) with MgF2 coating and C-mount long pass filters made of colored glass. Techspec's plano-convex lenses (PCX) with MgF2 coating...


Edmund Optics introduces new lenses with TFL Mount

Edmund Optics Europe - The new 28mm APS-C sensors from Sony (32MP) and e2v (64MP) promise to fill the gap in image circle size between C-mount and full frame making it possible to design much higher...


Multi-element tube system

Edmund Optics Europe - Edmund Optics now offers the new Techspec multi-element tube system. It works as a complete system by combining multi-element outer tubes with multi-element inner single-optic...


Edmund Optics introduces liquid M12 lens series

Edmund Optics Europe - Edmund Optics´ liquid lens M12 lens series utilizes the Varioptic liquid lens to enable the user to quickly focus anywhere between the minimum working distance and infinity. With...


Edmund Optics Europe

Isaac-Fulda-Allee 5
55124 Mainz

+49 6131 570 00

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The nominees have been determined. Vote now for the inspect award 2022

Image Sensors Europe will return in 2021 in a new online format.

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Unsere Partner

The nominees have been determined. Vote now for the inspect award 2022

Image Sensors Europe will return in 2021 in a new online format.

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