Sick joins the e-Factory Alliance

10.02.2021 - A common solution for easily integrating vision technology is now available.

Machine builders, system integrators and end users can quickly implement inspection, validation, position detection and quality control applications based on Sick cameras and Mitsubishi Electric products.

The solution was developed for applications in various industries, including automotive, luxury and food, life sciences and mechanical engineering. It combines a Sick vision camera with prefabricated and tested function blocks for the GX Works PLC programming environment from Mitsubishi Electric. This makes it very easy to set up vision applications on Mitsubishi Electrics ‘PLC platforms.

Users can also rely on full support from Mitsubishi Electric and Sick. Both companies believe that vision solutions provide important information that can improve a whole range of automation processes. Even more: They are the eyes of Industry 4.0 and therefore a key element in the digital transformation of industry.