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MVTec Software GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of software for machine vision used in all demanding areas of imaging like the semi-conductor industry, inspection, optical quality control, metrology, medicine, or surveillance. In particular, software by MVTec enables new automation solutions in settings of the Industrial Internet of Things. MVTec is the developer and vendor of the general purpose machine vision software products Halcon and Merlic.

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MVTec introduces new product manager for Merlic

24.01.2024 -

Ulf Schulmeyer has taken over product management for the Merlic software and is expected to further develop it


Basler and MVTec will become part of the Siemens ecosystem

16.11.2023 -

The new partnerships are intended to enable easy integration of machine vision into Siemens automation technology


MVTec and Datavision deepen partnership

18.08.2023 -

Datavision expands MVTec's machine vision ecosystem: Halcon and the cloud-based data management platform Beeyard are linked


MVTec and Wenglor intensify partnership

20.07.2023 -

The partnership was officially sealed at Automatica 2023, customers should benefit from coordinated hardware and software


MVTec opens its own educational institution

14.06.2023 -

A new MVTec Academy should make it easier to get started with industrial image processing.


MVTec opens new sales office in Shenzhen

01.06.2023 -

MVTec now has two branches in China

Machine Vision

Embedded Vision: Many good reasons for continued strong growth

04.05.2023 -

The embedded vision market continues to grow strongly. One aspect of this success is based on technical advancements that expand the spectrum of possible applications.


Visionsales is new sales partner of MVTec

27.04.2023 -

The Czech company Visionsales is now part of the MVTec sales network


MVTec opens subsidary in France

12.04.2023 -

New office in Lyon enables customer support in France and the French-speaking markets in Belgium and Switzerland

Machine Vision

MVTec ends distribution partnership with IDS

27.03.2023 -

MVTec is switching to direct sales in the DACH region. The existing cooperation with IDS was therefore terminated at the end of 2022. In addition, a subsidiary was...


MVTec expands customer support

03.02.2023 -

At the beginning of 2023, the new MVTec Customer Services department officially started its external work


MVTec and Sick deepen strategic partnership

11.11.2022 -

From now on, Sick's automation solutions are also available with MVTec's machine vision software Halcon. The partnership was sealed at the SPS.

Machine Vision

No computer Chips without Industrial Image Processing

30.05.2022 -

Machine vision technologies contribute to a high level of quality in all process steps of semiconductor manufacturing. Which concrete application scenarios of industrial...


MVTec celebrates 25th anniversary

02.02.2022 -

MVTec, a specialist for industrial machine vision software, is 25 years old. The Munich-based company plans to celebrate this anniversary throughout 2022.


MVTec Innovation Day 2022 is cancelled

01.02.2022 -

The MVTec Innovation Day 2022 is cancelled. There will also be no virtual replacement for the event planned for February 8 and 9. The reason is the pandemic situation.


MVTec strengthens Halcon product management team

04.08.2021 -

Effective immediately, Susanne Kretzschmar will strengthen the strategic market development of the machine vision software Halcon as Commercial Product Manager at MVTec.


MVTec changes responsibilities in product management

17.02.2021 -

Christoph Wagner has been product manager for Merlic since September 1, 2020. He also remains responsible for Embedded Vision. Thomas Hopfner has held the newly created...


Online event with lots of interaction and expertise

05.02.2021 -

Although the MVTec Innovation Day 2021 took place completely digitally on February 3, more than 400 participants came. They got to see a full day of technically in-depth...

MVTec announces new Halcon release available this fall

19.08.2020 - MVTec will release the new version 20.11 of its standard software Halcon on November 20, 2020. The release comes with many new and improved features that help users further enhance...

MVTec signs sales partnership in Russia

03.08.2020 - MVTec enters into a sales partnership with the Russian supplier of cameras and industrial machine vision solutions CameraIQ. The goal of the partnership is to expand the sales...

MVTec hosts Innovation Day 2020

14.01.2020 - MVTec invites you to the "MVTec Innovation Day" again this year. On Thursday, February 20, 2020, visitors to the Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft in Munich will receive a practical...

Standard machine vision software with new functions: MVTec presents HALCON 19.11

24.10.2019 - MVTec will release HALCON 19.11, the latest version of its standard software HALCON, on November 15. The release will include many new and improved functions that advance the level...

MVTec: Dr. med. Wolfgang Eckstein retires as Managing Director

03.06.2019 - Dr. Wolfgang Eckstein, co-founder, co-owner and one of the managing directors of MVTec Software GmbH in Munich, will change his role within the company. In the coming months, he...

MVTec and Hilscher jointly integrate Machine Vision and SPS

31.05.2019 - MVTec and the Hilscher start a technical partnership to facilitate easier integration of image processing and process automation. By combining MVTec software products and Hilscher...

MVTec introduces Halcon in version 19.05

06.05.2019 - MVTec announces the new version 19.05 of its software Halcon for May 31, 2019. The release will further enhance processes in machine vision with a range of new and updated features...

MVTec supported the Smart Green Island Makeathon 2019

12.03.2019 - MVTec participated in the Smart Green Island Makeathon 2019. The Munich-based supplier of machine vision standard software supported the event, which took place from 20 to 23...

MVTec launches Merlic 4

15.01.2019 - MVTec will issue its new Merlic 4 software release on February 15. It contains many new and improved features that make the creation of machine vision applications even easier...

GCPR 2018: AI and Machine Learning in Focus

18.10.2018 - The German Working Group for Pattern Recognition (DAGM) looks back on the successful implementation of the 40th German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR 2018). This year's...

Prof. Dr. Carsten Steger is new spokesman of the Technical Committee of the DAGM

18.10.2018 - Prof. Dr. Carsten Steger, Director of Research at MVTec, has been elected spokesman of the Technical Committee of the German Association for Pattern Recognition (DAGM). He is the...

MVTec launches Halcon 18.11

02.08.2018 - MVTec Software, provider of modern machine vision technologies, announces the new version 18.11 of its standard software Halcon for November 2018. Halcon 18.11 will officially be...

New seminar series for machine vision

26.07.2018 - In October 2018, the provider of standard software for machine vision MVTec will launch a seminar series titled “MVTec Technology Day – Deep Learning”. It will offer background...

How to simplify Machine Vision on Embedded Devices

11.04.2018 - MVTec and Toradex introduced HPeek in the Toradex Easy Installer tool. HPeek allows users to easily check the performance of their embedded device for typical machine vision...

MVTec strengthens its embedded vision business with Christoph Wagner

23.10.2017 - Christoph Wagner is responsible for expanding the embedded vision business at MVTec. The mechanical engineer and certified economist has accumulated more than ten years of...

MVTec goes on world tour to present Halcon 13 features

20.09.2016 - MVTec presents the new version 13 of its image processing software Halcon to a broad target group. From September 2016 until well into the first quarter of 2017, companies will get...

MVTec to release Merlic 2

20.11.2015 - MVTec Software will release Merlic 2 on December 1, 2015. The new major release of the all-in-one solution that makes it easy to create machine vision applications, will be...

US court: Halcon does not infringe the three patents

03.06.2014 - MVTec Software GmbH announced that the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has affirmed the determination of the United States International Trade Commission...

MVTec Partner Meeting at Wageningen University

09.12.2013 - MVTec's exclusive distributor in the Netherlands, Data Vision, encourages meetings for expert customers to jointly develop and share skills and knowledge in the field of machine...

Prof. Dr. Carsten Steger in the Technical Committee of DAGM

20.11.2013 - Prof. Dr. Carsten Steger, Research & Development Director at MVTec Software, was unanimously elected into the Technical Committee of the German Association for Pattern Recognition...

Machine Vision

Brain and Control Centre

24.10.2013 - Over the past 20 years the Munich software company MVTec has gained a leading position in the market for machine vision software. The demands on the products are accordingly great...

MVTec Releases Halcon 11.0.2

13.08.2013 - MVTec Software GmbH has launched the new maintenance release 11.0.2 of its machine vision standard software Halcon 11. This release fixes bugs and offers improved features to the...

Machine Vision

Software opens doors and gates

18.10.2012 - The new version 11 was released by Halcon in June 2012, with which objects can be identified without printed additions such as bar codes and data codes. In addition, Version 11...

MVTec Announces Halcon 11

27.03.2012 - MVTec announces the release of the new version Halcon 11 for June 1, 2012. For machine vision users, Halcon 11 provides many innovations and enhancements. As a unique feature...

Adept Turnkey: MVTec's New Distribution Partner

22.06.2011 - From June 2011, the distribution of MVTec machine vision software products in Australia and New Zealand is additionally performed by Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd. Besides the distribution...

Elvitec: MVTec's New Distributor in France

27.04.2011 - MVTec Software has appointed Elvitec as distributor in France. Besides distributing Halcon and ActivVisionTools, Elvitec also providing comprehensive technical support for MVTec's...

MVTec Announces New Distributor in Thailand

11.03.2011 - MVTec machine vision software products are distributed by Solimac Automation in Thailand. Besides distributing Halcon and ActivVisionTools, Solimac Automation is also providing...

MVTec Software Collaborates with Nvidia

24.01.2011 - MVTec Software announces that it is working closely with Nvidia on the development of a powerful new machine vision solution that dramatically improves the process of product...

Success for MVTec in Patent Dispute

22.07.2010 - MVTec Software GmbH, Munich (Germany), is pleased to announce that it has received an initial determination in its favor in the ongoing patent dispute raised by Cognex Corporation...

USPTO Confirms MVTec’s Position on Cognex US Patent

28.06.2010 - MVTec Software GmbH, Munich (Germany), is pleased to announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has cancelled all claims of U.S. Patent No. 6,850,646 that Cognex...

Andor Technology joins MVTec’s Image Acquisition Partner Program

20.03.2010 - Andor Technology,a world leader in scientific imaging, spectroscopy solutions and microscopy systems, has announced that they have joined the Image Acquisition Partner Program from...

Products from this company


Simply use deep learning technologies

MVTec Software GmbH -

MVTec has presented a new version of its Merlic software.


Software with new deep learning capabilities

MVTec Software GmbH -

MVTec has launched version 23.05 of the machine vision standard software Halcon.


Machine Vision: New MVTec Halcon Version

MVTec Software GmbH -

MVTec will release the new version of the machine vision software Halcon on May 23, 2023. Learn everything about the new features in the MVTec webinar on May 24, 2023.


MVTec is setting new standards in machine vision with Halcon 22.11

MVTec Software GmbH -

MVTec will launch the new release of its Halcon standard machine vision software on November 22, 2022


Machine Vision Software in Theory and Practice

MVTec Software GmbH -

26.09.2022 – MVTec presents the new versions of its machine vision software products Halcon and Merlic, both to be released this fall, at booth C56 in Hall 8.


Machine vision software in new versions

MVTec Software GmbH -

14.09.22 - MVTec is presenting the new versions of its machine vision software products Halcon and Merlic at Vision, both of which will be released this fall.


Advanced Anomaly Detection Using AI

MVTec Software GmbH -

28.07.2022 – Halcon 22.05 is a further development of the deep-learning technology anomaly detection and thus optimises quality assurance


Deep Learning Bundle for Beginners

MVTec Software GmbH -

17.05.20222 - MVTec Software, together with partners Aaeon Technology and Basler, presents the UP Squared Pro AI Vision Development Kit with Deep Learning technologies.


Plugin for Openvino Toolkit

MVTec Software GmbH -

MVTec is launching a plugin for the Intel distribution of the Openvino Toolkit. This means that users of MVTec software products can now use AI accelerator hardware that...


New Halcon version released

MVTec Software GmbH -

MVTec has presented the new version 21.05 of the machine vision standard software Halcon. It integrates new features in the area of ​​deep learning and matching, as well...


Vision 2021: Merlic machine vision software gets deep learning update

MVTec Software GmbH -

MVTec will release Merlic 5, the new version of its all-in-one machine vision software, on October 7, 2021. The highlights of the new release are the deep learning...


Deep Learning Just Got Easier

MVTec Software GmbH - Good news for all machine vision users: With HALCON 20.05, training for all deep learning technologies can now be performed on the CPU of standard industrial PCs. This greatly...


Machine vision up close: MVTec at Vision 2016

MVTec Software GmbH - MVTec will be showcasing its newest technologies at Vision in Stuttgart between November 8 and 10. On booth E72 in hall 1 visitors can, in particular, experience the highlights of...


Halcon Interface for SwissRanger 3D Cameras

MVTec Software GmbH - MVTec Software and Mesa Imaging have released a new interface for connecting the SR4000 3D cameras to MVTec's machine vision software Halcon. The new interface allows the...


Halcon Embedded Runs on the Nokia N900

MVTec Software GmbH - Test runs of the standard machine vision software Halcon Embedded on the mobile phone Nokia N900 have shown an outstanding performance. The tests also have proven that applications...


New Halcon Interface for Sick 3D Cameras

- The German companies MVTec Software and Sick have released a new interface for the Sick 3D cameras, This allows the smooth integration with MVTec's machine vision software Halcon...


Halcon Embedded Runs on the Beagle Board

MVTec Software GmbH - The German company MVTec Software took initial performance measurements with the machine vision library Halcon 9.0 running on the Beagle Board using Ångström Linux as operating...


MVTec Software GmbH

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Digital tools or software can ease your life as a photonics professional by either helping you with your system design or during the manufacturing process or when purchasing components. Check out our compilation:

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Digital tools or software can ease your life as a photonics professional by either helping you with your system design or during the manufacturing process or when purchasing components. Check out our compilation:

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